Is there such a thing as too much yarn?

29 Jan

Apparently so.

But it’s not really too much yarn. It’s just a big mess of unorganized yarn. That disturbs my sense of order and so in my quest to simplify life, I decided to organize it.

First of all, the big decision. Organize by color or by weight? I took a poll (meaning I posted the question as my Facebook status and read the 5 answers), and the majority was by weight. OK! I can do that. Except a lot of my yarn is missing its original label, so I don’t know the gauge. I know you can knit a sample swatch to test gauge, but what needles should you use if you don’t have the label? Hmm. The project was stalled.

Then I asked my friend over at All She Wants To Do Is whose latest obsession is knitting. She told me about a really cool and easy trick to measure weight by determining the wraps per inch. Sweet! Problem solved. So I went through all the unmarked yarns, determined the weights, and marked them all. Then, instead of have one big box like in the picture above, I sorted them into three smaller bins. I put all my knitting accessories (needles, patterns, books, etc) into another bin.

Since I was on a roll, I kept going. All my miscellaneous craft crap went into another bin. And then, I took all my beading supplies out of the giant tool box I originally had it in (why I chose that to begin with, I have no idea – certainly not because it was easy to carry around) and put all that into another bin.

All the bins stack so nicely next to my dresser.

Ahhhh, order. (That’s my gym bag on top of the stack. My sadly-unused-the-last-few-weeks-because-of-my-stupid-bronchitis gym bag.)

It felt so good to get that organized. And it should save me some money too, because I have a lot of worsted weight and fine weight yarn, so I shouldn’t need to buy any for a while. (Right? Well, unless I see a yarn I love. I mean, of course, I won’t buy any for a while.)

Next stop: going through my clothes and getting rid of what I don’t wear anymore. But that may have to wait a few weeks. Super Saturday is next weekend!

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