Drawing a blank

20 Jan

I have part of an evening at home and wanted to post since I haven’t since Monday. But my mind is blank.

All week I’ve had ideas of topics in my brain. And now I can’t think of even one of them. It’s been a busy week at work, so my brain might just be done for the week.

I also haven’t danced since last Saturday. Stupid bronchitis is still with me (bastard germs), and my cough gets really bad the more I talk. So by evening, I’m pretty much hacking up my lungs. So I haven’t been to the dance studio. Last night, I was going to go. I had dinner with TF beforehand, and by the end of dinner I was so tired and didn’t want to hang around. I’m glad I went home, because I ended up falling asleep reading around 9:15.

But I wonder if part of my brain-deadness and low energy funk tonight are because I haven’t danced. Not dancing means I haven’t had that joy, I haven’t had that release of stress and escape from life, I haven’t been around lots of people who care about me, and I haven’t gotten the physical exercise. Luckily I have a lesson tomorrow, so I’ll dance then.

I’m also a bit nervous. Tomorrow night I’m having a part with my friend JT. She got her doctorate degree and wanted to do a party to celebrate that but couldn’t afford it. I wanted to do one for my birthday last fall but couldn’t afford it. So we’re doing one together. We’ve rented the dance studio and will have three teachers there. People from the studio are invited, and we also invited friends from outside the studio too. That means worlds colliding for me.

I have friends from various different groups. So tomorrow, I might have two friends from here, one friend from there, another friend from this place, and these two friends from that place. I worry about people feeling comfortable. I know most people don’t have the hesitation I have about going somewhere where I know one person, but I do tend to project that on others when I’m hosting. I want to be sure everyone is comfortable and having a good time. So that’s probably weighing on me tonight too.

Luckily KC was online tonight, so I chatted with her a bit about this wave of downness I got. She’s awesome and very helpful and supportive. So I do feel better.

But my brain is still not clicking. So I guess you’ll just have to come back for all those fascinating topics I was going to write about!

5 Responses to “Drawing a blank”

  1. dramaqueenseams January 21, 2012 at 2:29 am #

    I hope your friend inspires you. Have a great weekend.

    jeanna. @. Dramaqueenseams.com

  2. GrowthLines... January 21, 2012 at 11:21 pm #

    I hope you feel better and that you have been energized by dancing with friends from the different corners of your world.


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