Weekly roundup

16 Jan

Last week…

*Started contemplating what simplifying life means and how to achieve it.

*Had two dance lessons: one that ended in the thinky place (sigh) and one that was great! Awkward moment in the rumba open fixed.

*Had the amazing Brittany from the Gentle Home do two great guest posts on simplifying life. (Check them out here and here.)

*Played board games and had a great evening with friend KC.

*Fought my cold all week. After friend JF (who’s a doctor) read that post and told me to go to the doctor, I did and was diagnosed with bronchitis.

*Watched “Psycho” with friends NA and SR. Love hanging out with them! And SR made great snickerdoodle cookies.

*Started antibiotics that are kicking bronchitis’ ass.

*Ran my first successful data report in my new job for an associate dean, and he was pleased with it. I think I’m slowly starting to get this job.

*Cleared all the clutter out of my room and found a home for all of it. (No, it’s not just shoved in a closet.)

*Read “The Help” and “The Virgin Queen”.

*Baked mocha crinkle cookies. And totally forgot to take pictures.

This week, with my cough slightly better, I’m hoping to have the energy and the lung capacity to go workout again.

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