Weekly roundup

9 Jan

Last week…

*Finally pulled myself out of the funk.

*Great dance lesson WITH NO THINKY PLACE!

*Admitted to the blogiverse that my funk was really a depression episode and pondered how great it is to know others go through the same thing.

*Fought my cold, unsuccessfully. Stupid bug.

*Watched the premiere of Masterpiece – this week it was “Downton Abbey”. If you haven’t seen, watch it.

*Was nominated for the Versatile Blogger award.

*Met with a trainer to get some strength training ideas.

*Made great cocoa cookies again (glad the peeps at my part-time job liked round one) and good turkey-gorgonzola burgers.

*Decided to focus on money (or lack thereof) and how to save it.

*Did not work out as I would have liked due to stupid cold.

*Starting planning a guest post for my blog…you are going to LOVE IT!

*Finished “Team of Rivals” – finally.

*Watched discs one and two of a great TV show “Rome”. I’m totally hooked.

*Saw friends AM and AW for a passing moment. I miss them.

*Read “Girls’ Poker Night” and “Bossypants”. Both excellent books.

*Seven new followers – welcome! And thanks for following me.

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