Resolutions, I mean refocus

2 Jan

I’m not a fan of New Year’s resolutions. To me, resolution has a somewhat negative tone to it. Somewhat like I’m going to bunker down and trod through this god-awful task. No wonder people break their resolutions all the time.

I prefer to think of New Year’s as a time to reset myself. It’s a chance to refocus on the areas I want to pay attention to. I still may break that focus, but to me, refocusing is a much more positive light. Besides, as we all know, I can end up in the thinky place way too easily and have a hard time with high standards for myself, so thinking of it as a refocusing avoids that trap.

So for 2012, here are the things I would like to refocus on.

1. Physical health
This includes eating and working out. I’ve drifted a bit from my eating plan that I’m on to lose the last 10 pounds. Starting tomorrow, I would like to refocus on that and follow it more closely, thus allowing me to lose the last 10 pounds. I have to lose that weight, because as I’ve mentioned before, there is something in me that makes me afraid of that success. I need to succeed to overcome that.

I would like to refocus on working out. I feel so much better mentally when I do that. And it will benefit my health in the long run. And it will improve my dancing too. I also know that an object in motion stays in motion while an object at rest stays at rest. For me, if I’m up and moving and doing things, I’m happier and have more energy. If I’m sitting on my ass and watching TV for great periods of time, I get depressed and thinky. So working out is almost a must for me. (Interesting that it’s so hard for me to go do though.) In the last week, I went to the gym four out of six days, which is awesome. I know I can’t go that often once I go back to work tomorrow, but I have it scheduled three times a week. So I would like to shoot for those three times.

2. Mental health
As I said, working out will help with this. I also would like to just switch back to a more positive mindset. I’ve spent a lot of the last week pondering what’s wrong with me and my life. Yesterday, I reread my second blog post ever which talked about what’s going well in my life, and I read the one about life being 90% attitude and 10% what happens to you. Both were great reminders of the positive things in my life. I also chatted via IM with my friend SS. In our conversation, she just asked me in passing “What you looking forward to this year? Any travel/daytrips planned? events, competitions?” And that little question really helped me shift my thoughts. Instead of brooding about the bad things, it made me think about what I have to look forward to in 2012.

So although I’m Irish and therefore tend towards the melancholy, I would like to refocus and remember the positive things. And although I don’t have any particular answers about the impact I have on the universe, I’m going to choose to believe I have one.

3. My mother
As you know, my mother and I are not alike. I am much more like my father. This can lead to tension between my mother and me, especially when she gives me the lecture on being a bad daughter. But I also realize that she’s 74 and in not-so-good health. I mean, she’s not dying. But she probably won’t be around too terribly long. I know that sounds harsh, but she has lots of health issues. So I would like to try to give her more of what she wants in a daughter without sacrificing who I am. So last night, I sat with her and watched some football games and Masterpiece, instead of watching it alone. I think she appreciated it. I also tried to make more conversation with her. Not a ton, but more than I had been. It goes back to recognizing the responsibility I have in the relationships with my family. And I would like to step up and do my share.

4. Other stuff
The rest of it is kinda smaller stuff. I really hope I can go to a Dance-O-Rama this year; it’s looking possible but I can’t commit yet.

I’m going to continue dancing and improving and would like to try to not get to the thinky place. I would like to work on believing that I am a very talented dancer. (For some reason, I intellectually know that and can write it, but emotionally I struggle to believe that.)

I would like to really get into my new job and learn a lot and make a difference there.

I would like to continue with my creative outlets and do more baking and knitting. Maybe try knitting mittens. I’d love to learn to crochet too. I would like to expand my beadweaving skills and do more of that.

I would like to move out when my parents sell their house this year, and I would like to move back to my old neighborhood and to a place that I can afford and can keep dancing.

I would like to continue my blog and maybe increase my readership.

And I would like to make and maybe sell to friends my infused vodka.

And lastly, I would love to win this giveaway! Savory Simple is a great blog I follow. I love her writing and her food. The recipes are super easy too. You should check it out!

What are you going to refocus on in 2012? What does 2012 hold for you? I hope it’s a great year for all of you.

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