New year’s eve

1 Jan

I went out for New Year’s eve for the first time in about 15 years.

When I was married, TD and I would sometimes go to a friend’s house for a party of about 25 people involving lots of food and blackjack. We stopped doing that because we weren’t having that much fun at those parties, and it was nice to just stay home. We ended up with a custom of getting really good Chinese food and watching movies. In hindsight, it was relaxing and maybe a bit boring, especially for an extrovert like TD.

Once we divorced, I had a great dog that had separation anxiety, so I had to stay in on New Year’s eve. I also had few friends post-divorce, so it was actually fine. It was nice for me to have that excuse of my dog to avoid finding plans.

I personally believe, to a certain extent, that New Year’s is a lot like Valentine’s Day…a lot of societal pressure to do something and to go out. Both are overrated holidays, in my opinion.

But this year, I was faced with not really wanting to stay home with my parents on New Year’s, and I got two invitations that I couldn’t really turn down. First, my friend LS from the dance studio decided to have a party because she was tired of going out and always getting the creepy guy hitting on her. I thought that going to her place and hanging out with friends would be great. Then a bunch of other friends from the studio decided to go to the Eagles Club for dinner and dancing and they invited me. Knowing that I love dancing, they knew I had no reason not to go.

So I then had two places to go to…and me who hasn’t been out for New Year’s in years! And of course, we were supposed to get a winter storm that night too.

Given the funk I’ve been in for the past week, I wasn’t too sure about any of it. Yesterday I had a dance lesson that initially was totally helping lift me out of the thinky place. My teacher decided that we should have a lesson of just dancing through stuff. We did all the opens: first waltz – went well, including randomly improving a turn that’s been killing me. No idea what I was doing differently, just started doing it differently and it’s so much better. Then tango – went well! Then foxtrot – went well. There is one turn I mentioned that I’d like to work on. It feels awkward and I think we haven’t worked on it because Nate is turning at the same time and therefore can’t see me. Then viennese waltz – went well. Then rumba – we’ve been working on upgrading it (“choreographically upgraded”), and yesterday was the first time we did it to music. It went pretty well! We were pleased.

And then – you guessed it – my nemesis triple swing. I had performed it at a practice party a few weeks ago, and it went GREAT. I got compliments on it. My teacher got comments on how well I did. So we ran it yesterday, and disaster. OK, not disaster, but I missed a few steps and it was not as good as it has been. This of course sent me to the thinky place immediately. And I really started beating myself up about it. We did cha cha after that, and that went well. But I was stuck on the swing open. I left the studio almost in tears because of it.

I had to go to my part-time job to do a few things after my lesson, and I talked to my friend SR while I was there. I was telling her all this and how I really just wanted to go crawl in a hole and stay there for a while but that I didn’t want to spend New Year’s at home with my parents. She told me that if I went out, I’d have fun and feel much better. She pointed out that I could leave whenever I wanted to, and she offered to call me with an “emergency” if I sent her a text asking for that. I realized she was right and I should just suck it up buttercup and go.

So I did. (Only after I got a lecture from my mother as I was leaving about going out in such awful weather which really wasn’t that bad and wearing a short skirt that would give boys the wrong idea.)

And you know what? I had fun. The dinner was pretty good (prime rib!), and the drinks were cheap. The band was great. And although I was with friends who were in couples, the guys did a good job of making sure everyone danced. So I didn’t sit out too much. I started to get tired around 10, and I wanted to stop by LS’s party, so I left. Got to LS’s, talked to a few people there, and left around 11:15. Home by 11:45, which was perfect!

I still have remnants of the funk I’ve been in. And I’m still in the thinky place. But I had a productive day. And I need to remember that an object in motion stays in motion and an object at rest stays at rest. All week I’ve been very low energy which has made it difficult to get motivated. But today I was and got some stuff done. Kinda ready to continue it tomorrow. Then back to work on Tuesday which should help get me back on track fully.

I probably wouldn’t have gone out if I hadn’t had that conversation with SR. And I’m glad I went out. So thanks, SR, for holding up the mirror for me and telling me to stop being a whiny baby (my words, not hers). We all need friends like that.

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