Weekly roundup

27 Dec

In the last week…

*Check-up at the dentist. Still no cavities!

*Girly dance lesson with Amy. So fun and learned some stuff. It’s nice once in a while to get a girl’s perspective on dance technique.

*Played Santa and dropped off presents with my friends. I hope they like their presents. But really, it’s just about wanting to do something nice for them.

*Realized that I have a share in the responsibility of the awkwardness with my sisters.

*Survived Christmas weekend with my family. (More on that to come, I promise.)

*Worked out yesterday at the gym!! Yay me!

*Realized that my desire to stay in the background is actually a family trait.

*Made tea-ring for my family.

*Realized that I’ve not been going to as many group classes for dance as I used to, and that means less exercise. I’m going to try to go to more again to keep getting exercise (in addition to working out) and to keep practicing.

*Delighted my readers with a list of the awesome blogs I read.

*Thought about those that are in pain this time of year and hope they realize others care about them.

*Added a bunch of new followers on my blog. Welcome!! And thanks for following!

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