My gift to you

23 Dec

It’s Christmas time.

Just in case you didn’t know that. Because it’s not like there are obvious signs all around about it.

So it’s the time of gift exchanges. I’ve played Santa and given out all the presents to my friends. But for you, dear readers, I have one final gift. The gift of entertainment.

I’m giving a shout-out to all the blogs I stalk read. These blogs make me laugh, make me think, and inspire me to do different and exciting things with my life. Like bake. And knit. And branch out sometimes into new ideas and new experiences. Read them, follow them and laugh with us.

1) Riot and Frolic
Totally deserves the number one spot. I’ve talked about her before. She’s awesome. I think we’re friends in a different world. Her latest post talks about hosting a bitch and stitch gathering and she invites others to join. I would totally love to, but isn’t that creepy to do if you haven’t actually met someone? What do you think – do I invite myself to her gathering? I’m thinking probably not. But I wish I could, because I can’t imagine how fantastic she is in person and how much fun we’d have. OK, not meaning to sound like a stalker. I just think she’s great and her blog is hilarious and inspiring.

2) Smitten Kitchen
Always a place to get ideas for food. Great food. Great food that seems easy to make. And turns out to be easy to make. Plus I love her writing style. But I don’t understand where she gets the energy and time to do all that cooking. On the plus side, she has a cookbook coming out soon. Which I might need to get.

3) The Bloggess
Freakin’ laugh-out-loud funny. Don’t read this at work unless you want strange looks from your coworkers. But go ahead if you’re used to strange looks from your coworkers.

4) Hyperbole and a Half
Another laugh-out-loud and awesome blog. Even serious topics are written with humor in them. Love this one. And awesome pictures.

5) The Girl Who Ate Everything
Great food ideas and recipes. Plus she just had a baby! Probably source number two for me when looking for recipes. (Smitten Kitchen is usually number one.)

6) WASD Through Life
My friend NA writes this one. Usually thought-provoking. She hasn’t written in a while but I’m sure she’ll be back with more posts that make me go hmmm.

7) Flying by the Seat of my Pants
Written by friend TS. Funny, heart-warming stories of everyday life raising two kids and being married in suburbia.

Check out the other blogs on my blogroll over there on the right. They’re also amazing! I just didn’t want to bore you with a long list of awesomeness. So you got the highlights instead.

So there you are. My gift to you: The gift of food, fun and great writing. It’s a gift that keeps on giving, right? So I don’t have to get you anything next year. HA!

Merry Christmas to you, if that’s what you celebrate. Regardless (or irregardless, which is the word to use if you want to really annoy my dance teacher), I wish you all the best for 2012. Peace and joy to you!

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