Weekly roundup

19 Dec

In the past week:

*Dinner with friend MH. Had a blast at the awesome Longfellow Grill. Definitely need to meet more often.

*Sick day on Tuesday. ­čśŽ

*Good dance lesson on Wednesday. No thinky place!

*Met with friend JT to start planning our party – yay!

*Made earrings with beadweaving. I think I have another hobby.

*Haircut from the fabulous Jennifer at 526 Salon.

*Coffee and conversation with friend/cousin AR. It had been far too long since we caught up – over a year! Wrong…that’s just wrong.

*Temporarily lost my mom at a figure skating competition. Found her, then watched my niece LB skate. She was great!

*Christmas brunch with NA and SR. So much fun! And such good friends – they’re my pals. I love hanging out with them, especially when it’s just us girls. (Although it’s fun when their boys join us.)

*Fun dance lesson before my teacher went on vacation. I think we laughed the whole time.

*Began distributing Christmas presents. I love playing Santa!

*Made a version of chocolate-covered pretzels.

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