Adventures at the figure skating competition

18 Dec

My niece LB had a figure skating competition today at Mariucci Arena at the U of M.

Have I mentioned she’s an awesome figure skater? Like for real. She’s a senior in high school, and she sent an audition tape to the Disney on Ice people. They wanted to see her for a live audition when they were here in town earlier this month. She said it went well, and she’ll hear from them in March. If they hire her, she’ll work for them for a year before starting college. Cool experience, huh? I’m jealous.

Anyway, I’ve missed her last few competitions, so I really wanted to go to today’s. Her short program was at 11:45 and her long program was at 3:15.

(It’s so fun to talk to her about figure skating, because some things are very similar to dancing. Especially since she does some kind of figure skating that has an official name which I forget, but it’s basically synchronized ice dancing as a group. So we can talk about rhinestones and the gluing thereof, fake eyelashes, cha cha arm styling, and lots of other stuff.)

My brother (who is her dad) was going as were my parents. My parents were planning to stay there the whole afternoon, but I needed to come home after the first entry to get stuff done. So we drove separately. My mother can’t walk all the way from the parking ramp, so my dad was going to drop her off and then go park. Mariucci uses the operations door for events like this, so Dad was going to drop her off there.

When I was about 3 blocks from the parking ramp, my brother called to tell me that they were using the main lobby door off Oak St (the one in the picture) and charging $5 to get in. Unfortunately, my parents don’t turn on their cell phone. (It’s for emergencies only, so why turn it on?) So he and I figured they would figure it out.

I met Dad by accident in the parking ramp. I told him what TB said. We thought Mom would be waiting for us at the operations door, and we’d just meet her there and then go to the main lobby.

But she wasn’t there.

Hmmm, maybe she went down to the main lobby door. So we walked down there, and she’s not in the lobby. OK, maybe she saw TB and went up the escalator already. Then we see TB at the top of the escalator waiting for us. We yelled to him to see if he had seen Mom, and he hadn’t.

WTF? Where is she?

OK. I said I’d go back to the operations door on the other side of the arena, in case we just missed her. At this point, it’s like 11:40 and LB is supposed to be skating at 11:45. I really didn’t want to miss her entry. So I ran around the arena.

I am not a runner. My knees HATE running. But I did it, and I got to the operations door and no Mom.

OK, I was starting to get worried. My mom has some memory issues (not Alzheimer’s or dementia, thank god but still scary at times). Did she wander off? I run to the doors opposite the main lobby doors. All locked, no Mom. Okaaayyyyy.

Then I run around the other side of the arena – maybe she was walking on that side to the main lobby. Nope, no Mom.

Uh oh.

I got back to the main lobby. No Mom, no Dad, no TB. I paid my $5 and went up the escalator. I saw Dad and TB, and Mom wasn’t with them. Dad decided to walk around the concourse to see if she was there, I decided to go find security to help us, and TB decided to wait there. Off Dad and I went.

TB calls me a few minutes later. He found her. She was just standing on the concourse, watching warm-ups, waiting for us. Apparently, some worker had let her in the operations door and led her through the bowels of the arena up to the concourse.

I was mad with her. When I got back to the group, I told her that she absolutely needs to turn on her cell phone at events like this. She wasn’t happy I told her that. I told her we were worried about where she had gone. And then she got offended that I was treating her like an elderly woman. (Um, Mom, you kinda are one.)

Then I got super mad but didn’t say anything, because she was blaming Dad for giving her misinformation about which door to go in. “I was led to believe that the operations door was the correct one, but obviously I was misinformed.”

JESUS. I jumped in to try and help my dad by telling her that they usually use the operations door and that we only knew differently because TB had called my cell while I was driving there. (See? If you keep your cell on, you can get updates and correct info.)

All’s well that ends well. She was fine although a bit offend.

And most importantly, we got to see LB’s group skate, and they did GREAT!!!!!!!

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