Coffee sleeves

6 Dec

When I first saw coffee shops selling coffee sleeves, I thought they were funny. I couldn’t imagine who would buy one! Who would reuse a coffee sleeve? First of all, I try to use a travel mug as much as possible to avoid the waste. Secondly, if I do get coffee in a disposable cup, I’m probably not going to remember to bring my own coffee sleeve.

But, as typical with me and trends, I was wrong. Apparently many people use these. (I still don’t.) But I guess they’re really popular? Whatever. But I thought that maybe they could be easy to knit and therefore could be sold on Etsy. So I googled around and found some super-easy patterns.

So I tried one this weekend. I love knitting in the round, because you don’t have to worry about ends of rows and circular needles are just awesome. But because the circle is so little, a circular needle won’t work, so you have to use double-pointed needles.

First I went to the knowledgeable gurus are the Yarnery. I talked to them about yarn, which is something I really don’t know a lot about. I know about gauge, so I can buy the right size yarn. But beyond that, not so much. I was thinking cotton, for ease in washing. But they pointed out that wool would better for insulating your hands against the heat of the coffee. Duh, of course it would. So they recommended Malabrigo wool, which is super soft.

So I cast on the 36 stitches…

…and thought, oy this could be difficult. Such a small circle, so few stitches, easy to get it turned around. Well, I know with circular needles, you have to go a few rounds before it gets easier and looser. So I thought I’d try it and see if it started to work out.

After five rows, I had this…

OK, better, let’s keep going. I did the 20 rows in the ribbing pattern and ended it. It turned out pretty good! And because the ribbing is vertical, it stretches to be comfy on the cup.

Neat, huh? And it only took about an hour and a half, so I can whip out a bunch of these. And then list them on Etsy and see if anyone buys them!

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