Weekly roundup

5 Dec

*Made so-so chicken pot pie, but had an awesome time hanging out with KC while eating it.

*Visited the amazing AW for a massage and brow wax at her new salon. Well, it’s not HER salon; she doesn’t own it. She just changed salons that she worked at.

*Last day in my crappy old job. Woo hoo!

*Added stuff to vodka to make infused vodka as Christmas presents. It’s now just chillin’.

*Great dance coaching with Bobby Gonzalez. Rumba open freestyle now “choreographically upgraded”. But that means more technique work…the next level of cuban motion.

*Lots of blog posts – yay, writing!

*Knitted a coffee sleeve. Maybe make more to sell on Etsy?

*Had relaxing but busy weekend at home – parents were in Chicago visiting my sister. Ahhh, solitude.

*Fun post on how to be a good dance student. Would love to show that to certain students at my studio.

*Worked out twice. YAY! (Although not as much as I wanted, but still an improvement over previous weeks.)

*Successfully made tea-ring with the correct yeast.

*Made more earrings to give as Christmas presents and to sell.

*Took a step back and pondered if I’m really in the process of reinventing myself.

*Did my dance homework: bolero basic and cuban motion.

*Made some progress in my book reading (yep, still working on “A Team of Rivals”).

*One new blog follower and two new likes on Facebook. Spread the word, people!

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