Am I reinventing myself?

5 Dec

The whole purpose of this blog is to kinda track my journey as I rediscover and reinvent myself. But am I doing that?

Looking over posts lately, I realize it’s a lot about cooking/baking, crafts, dance, and friends. Is that reinventing my life?

To a certain extent, maybe. I have come to realize that creative outlets like baking, knitting, and writing are a very important part of me – one that I didn’t even know existed until the last few months. Dance is my passion, which I discovered two years ago. I think I’ve been working on having more belief and confidence in my dancing. So that’s kinda reinventing how I approach dance. Friends, well I’ve always known they’re important to me. I think I’ve just realized how lucky I am in my friendships and how I want to make time for them. As we know, it’s easy for me to spend a weekend at home and not interact with my friends. But I’ve really made efforts to try and do at least one thing socially each weekend.

But what about the core of who I am? What have I done to figure out what that is and how to get there? I’m afraid the answer is not much. I definitely need to spend more time on this. I have learned that creativity is quite important to me and that is a part of the core of who I am. But what else?

And don’t get me wrong…I don’t think everything about me needs to change. I’m talking about just deliberately taking stock of who I am and what my life is like, and then changing what I feel needs to change.

I did take one important step recently…I got a new job! I start tomorrow. I was at my old department for 14 years, albeit in different capacities. But I had been in my most recent job for about 3 years, and my boss in that job made it awful. He is a very nice person, and I like him as a person. But as a boss…ugh. I got so burned out – probably because I was doing two jobs (filling in for a vacancy) for almost two years. And he was never able to help me or figure out a way to take work off my plate. It was just getting to be too much. But I didn’t want to take a new job just to get a new job – I wanted it to be a logical step in my career. So about three weeks ago, this opportunity opened up in another department. I applied, and six days later I was hired. Yay! Last Thursday was my last day in my old job; I’ve had Friday and today off as a break.

I’m curious to see how having a new job will affect me. I mean, it’s kinda like getting out of a dysfunctional relationship. I think the new job, at least for a while, will give me lots more energy than my old job did. So that’s exciting. I know it won’t be perfect and it will be an adjustment. But I feel so free for having gotten out of where I was!

So I’ll revisit this topic I think. Who do I want to be? I think sometimes I hit on things, record them here, and then forget about them. The trick is figuring out how to not forget. And to actively start incorporating those discoveries into my daily life?

2 Responses to “Am I reinventing myself?”

  1. Darlene B December 5, 2011 at 11:48 am #

    I understand and recognize your sentiments. I think we all look back from time to time and wonder if anything has changed. Be assured that changes are happening, though they may be subtle. It isn’t the things you do that make you different, but how you feel about them.

  2. The Reinvented Lass December 5, 2011 at 6:22 pm #

    Thanks! Good point…approach and attitude CAN be the change.

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