If I could steal time…

30 Nov

Topic: If you needed more time, where would you take it from? If you needed more time, where would you take from? Let’s say you had an emergency this week that required you to spend an hour, every day, taking care of something you don’t currently do.  Where would that time come from? What would you drop first?

Hmm interesting question. My first thought is work. I could easily give up work, as long as my paycheck didn’t have to change as a result. (Realistic, right?) But of course, that’s not possible…I have to work my 40 hours each week. A lot of people would say that dancing would be a place to give up time, but it’s also the place that I get the most enjoyment from.

To me, the bigger issue is that this question is what I have been facing in my life. I want to do more working out, reading, writing, blogging etc. But I have trouble finding the time to do these things. So far, I’ve been doing it by sacrificing sleep. (As I write this at 11pm when I have to get up at 5am.) I really need to sit down at the beginning of each week and figure out the blocks of time I have to do these things and how to fit them in. It’s important because doing these things feed me, and so I should be paying attention to that.

So I guess I can’t answer the topic question today. Because if I could, I would be doing more of the things I enjoy and get fed by. And part of this blog is to figure out what those things are and how to fit them in my life.

So true.

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