Flowers in my hair

29 Nov

My friend GS wears fake flowers in her hair all the time. I like that look a lot, but never was sure how to do that. I mean, pinning them in with bobby pins is an option, but I knew they wouldn’t stay well. When I had my dance gown made, I saw that my dressmaker glues ultrasuede onto hair clips, then glues the rhinestones to the ultrasuede. That gave me an idea. Could I do that with flowers?

I first toyed with gluing the flowers directly onto the hair clips. But it didn’t seem like enough surface area to attach the flowers. Aha! I had felt leftover from making felt flowers…maybe that could work?

So first I cut felt strips a bit bigger than the clips.

Then I covered the clip in the E6000 glue that I used for gluing rhinestones.

Glued the felt to the clip and let dry. I let it dry overnight which was probably way longer than it needed. Then I trimmed the felt to be just a bit bigger than the clip. Glue the flowers to the clip with E6000 (works for almost anything, I swear).

Neat huh? Here’s how it looks in my hair:

I’m kinda excited about these. (Although in hindsight, I should have used a darker felt to match my hair. DUH. Oh well, I don’t think the grey shows too much.)

It’s a way to put flowers in my hair easily, and hopefully they look good! I haven’t tried it yet, partially because I just finished these this weekend, and partially because it’s branching out a bit for me to wear flowers in my hair, so that’s hard in a way. But I love the look when GS does it, I’ve always loved it when Sarah Jessica Parker does it…

…so why not try it? Going outside the comfort zone is a good thing and can often be something small like this. So let’s give it a go!

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