Weekly roundup

28 Nov

Last week:

*Worked one day. (Sick on Monday, had Wednesday off to bake, Thursday & Friday were holidays.) I could get used to that.

*Baked my grandma’s and mother’s recipe for tea-ring…with only a few adventures.

*Realized I have a TON of things to be thankful for.

*Ate too much turkey on Thursday. (At least it wasn’t the brown sugar/marshmallow covered sweet potatoes right?)

*Pulled myself (finally!) out of my post-Showcase tailspin.

*Had a great productive weekend and got lots done.

*Started learning bolero.

*Four new followers on my blog! Hi there!

*Baked ever-so-awesome candied bacon chocolate chip cookies.

*Finally started losing some weight again.

*Made some flowers for my hair. (More on that tomorrow.)

*Listed earrings and baby hats on Etsy. Come check out my stuff here!

Things I did not do last week:

*Workout. Boo on me. I need to focus on that more. I could use the stomach flu and Thanksgiving as excuses, but let’s be honest. I just struggle to get my butt to the Y. SIGH. So hold me accountable people. This week, I plan to go on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. When you see me after that, ask me if I’ve gone. Thanks!

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