Gluten-free chocolate financiers

15 Nov

So last week I made the fabulous (if I do say so myself) Guinness chocolate pudding. I took it to the studio, and people liked it. One of my friends really was excited to try it until he found out it had Guinness in it. He has celiac disease, so he couldn’t try it. I felt so bad, because he can’t eat most things people bring into the studio. So yesterday, when I had the day off to recover from Showcase, I wanted to make something gluten-free for him.

I searched the wonderful Smitten Kitchen for ideas and found her recipe for these. They seemed easy, I just had to buy almond flour and I was set! Sadly, no photos…camera phone crapped out again. Damn you, Sprint! Fix it already.

I took them to the studio last night for the Showcase after-party. People liked them, even those that can eat gluten. And my friend who has celiac was quite excited and said they were great! So give them a go – you won’t miss the gluten.

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