Free lunch!

6 Nov

OK, it wasn’t free but pretty damn close!

On Wednesday, I forgot my lunch. I am usually very good about bringing my lunch to work every day. On Sundays, I make enough food for lunches for the week, so each morning I just need to grab a container. On Wednesday, though, I completely spaced on it. Oops.

Since I’m trying to be frugal and spend less money, I wasn’t sure where to go for lunch around word. Most places are really good, but it’s hard to get out of there for less than $10. Then I remembered one of my favorite places: Mesa Pizza.

They have at least 40 kinds of pizza available each day, available whole or by the slice. Get this: a slice of cheese pizza is $2.25. A slice of pepperoni pizza is $2.25. Slices of all other kinds is $3.25. And the slices are HUGE – about 1/6th of the pizza. Can of pop is $1. Plus their sign by the tip jar said “help fund beer outings for the workers”. Gotta like that kind of humor. So for $4.25 plus tax, I got a great slice of barbeque chicken pizza with pineapple and a Diet Coke.

Nom nom nom.

Although in terms of my eating plan, this wasn’t the best choice. But it was good and cheap. So overall, I’ll take it!

Next time though, I’ll get the veggie.

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