Creative? Me?

28 Oct

I’ve never been a creative person.

I can’t draw, I can’t write music, I can’t write fiction, I can’t think of creative ideas in brainstorming sessions. I am very much a numbers person.

Shortly after I started dancing, my teacher made a comment (but I cannot remember the context). He said that he firmly believed there was a creative side in me just waiting to be expressed. I asked him recently what he saw that made him say that.

He said that you could tell I was creative from how I light up when I dance. I’m also verbally creative, he said…in his opinion, I often win a battle of words. (I totally disagree – I always lose the debates with him. He should have been a lawyer.)

I remembered this a while ago because for the last few months, I’ve been really feeling a creative urge. I’ve been knitting more, I’ve been baking more, I’ve been writing this blog. I don’t know where this creativity is coming from but it’s really pushing itself forward. A few weeks ago, I did the responsible thing and when I got home each night, I did my items on my to-do list and went to bed. Good girl. But I felt lousy and less energized even though I was sleeping more.

And I realized: even if it means sacrificing sleep, doing creative things gives me energy. I think I defined a creative person as someone who is always thinking of new things, new ideas, can draw a picture easily and come up with the subject…someone who constantly has things to make in their mind. And I know now for me, creativity is about the creation of something. I can’t think of a new recipe, but I need to create food…therefore baking. I can’t write a new knitting pattern, but I need to create items by knitting. I can’t think of a new plot to write about and write compelling descriptions, but I need to write this blog.

So it turns out, my teacher was right. (I hate it when he’s right.) There is a creative side to me that was squelched for some reason for my whole life. Now it won’t be ignored anymore.

And now, I can say with confidence…I’m a creative person.


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