Crazy for riot and frolic

26 Oct

I started my blog partially to fulfill a need in myself for a writing/journaling/documenting-my-life-and-the-lessons-in-it sort of thing. But also because I’m inspired by a few other blogs (see the blogroll on the right for the list). One in particular grabbed me and demanded that I read it.

Ladies and gentlemen (well, ok, the ladies who read this)…I give you…Riot and Frolic!

I started reading it and totally loved it. I kept reading and liking it more and more. Now I read most of her posts at least twice because they’re that good. And funny. And smart.

And she’s hilarious! I love her sense of humor. Which makes sense because it’s a just a wee bit like mine. (Did you all catch the sarcasm in that sentence? Yep, she’s sarcastic too.)

I also find her a bit inspirational in a non-creepy sort of way. She’s a professional dancer, and they always inspire me. (Oh I know I’ll never be that good, but it’s so fun to watch professionals and see how they do stuff. And be blown away by how easy they make it look.) She’s crafty, she cooks/bakes, and she has 3 children. Seriously? She can do all this homey stuff I want to do with a job, a husband and 3 kids? And I think my life is busy? Sheesh. Thanks for the perspective, ma’am!

I think she’s someone I could totally be friends with in real life. And that to me is the beauty of blogs. You get to make these virtual friends – or at least find people who could be your virtual friends.

Read this blog, and you’ll see why I love it.

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