Thinking beyond myself

24 Oct

I read a blog yesterday that got me thinking. The blog was about “think global, act local” and thinking beyond oneself.

As I try to reinvent my life and make it what I want it to be, what am I doing to help the world around me? Am I doing anything? What is my role in this?

Does helping friends count? Part of me feels like it matters to make one person’s world a bit brighter or to help out one person. But is that enough? What else should I be doing?

I try to be environmentally conscious. I recycle as much as I can. I reuse things a lot. I try to buy organic much of the time. Is that enough?

Is it about being part of a spiritual community like a church? I do miss that, but it’s hard to find a new church by yourself.

Or does it require a bigger effort like volunteering? Or is it just a balance between the reality of your life and doing what you can? Maybe the question isn’t am I doing enough but am I doing what I can?

This kinda put me in the thinky place but in a more philosophical way. I need to keep in mind the world around me as I make my life what I want it to be. It’s not just about me; I can’t just look inward and build my life all about me. I need to do my part to help improve the world around me.

And, to keep this from being too serious….

You know you've done it!

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