Baking day

23 Oct

Sunday is turning into baking day. Last Sunday, I made the amazeballs cakeballs but WITH the red wine chocolate cake in them. YUM.

Today I decided to steal a recipe from the great Smitten Kitchen. Apple pie cookies.

Confession: as detail-oriented as I am, I never level off my measuring cups when baking. I totally should but I just eyeball it and make it level enough. So far, hasn’t been a major issue. But with making pie crust dough, would that matter? Of course I didn’t think of that before making them.

I measured the flour (haha), threw in two sticks of coldish butter, and started the arm workout of blending it all with a pastry blender. I added ice water (I do know enough to use ice water), put the dough in plastic wrap and sent it to the fridge to chill out for an hour or so.

Then I did some laundry. I lead an exciting life, don’t I? Livin’ the high life – that’s me!

Although I'm really more of a Budweiser girl

Once the laundry was sorted and treated, the first load was in the washer, and the dough had chilled out enough, I rolled it out. You’re supposed to use a round cookie cutter to then cut out the cookie shapes from the dough. Alas, all my cookie cutters are in storage (I’m starting to really miss all my kitchen stuff but that’s for another day), and my mom only has Christmas ones. So I used a glass. Which made for much bigger cookies that the original recipe was for. Ergo, less yield from the recipe. Sadness.

I peeled the apples, cut them, covered them in sugar/cinnamon/cloves/nutmeg mixture. Then started assembling. One cookie, wet the edge, apple sweetness, top with another cookie, then seal the edges. Then I had to crimp edges with a fork, moisten top with water (or egg wash, if you’re really fancy which I wasn’t today) and sprinkle with sugar (or leftover sugar/cinnamon/cloves/nutmeg mixture if you’re lazy like me). Couldn’t forget to cut slits in the top to let the steam escape. Everyone went into the oven and were baked at 350 for 25 minutes or so, which gave me time to change the laundry.

Once they were done, they looked like this:

Smitten Kitchen’s looked like this when done:


But, they taste good in my opinion. Kinda like a cross between apple pie and apple turnovers? Lessons learned for next time: smaller cookie cutters, thinner apple slices, egg wash not water on the top, and maybe actually level the measuring cups? I don’t think that mattered but I really should do that.

I’ll take these to my guinea pigs (the dance studio staff) tomorrow. Although they’ll eat anything really, so maybe they’re not the best judges after all.

And in case you’re wondering, I finished my laundry too.

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