A very good week…

23 Oct

This week was a great week.

*Made amazeballs cakeballs with red wine chocolate cake last Sunday.

*Had two fittings for my ballroom dress. So exciting!!!

*Did lots of good work at my part-time job. I really feel like I’m making a difference and really helping the owner with some administrative work. I’m taking some work off her plate.

*Session 3 of my Discovery Writing workshop. Really starting to learn some things about myself.

*Made a friend happy by having a stash of the aforementioned cakeballs for him.

*Helped friend TO with shopping for clothes for her Showcase performance. Who would have thought I’d be someone a person would go to for guidance on what to wear??? Made me feel pretty good.

*Dance anniversary with great blog post about how dance has changed my life.

*Same blog post shared with teacher at studio in CA who shared it with her 1200 FB friends.

*Great dance lesson with no visits to the thinky place.

*LOVELY dinner catching up with old friend SS. We stayed for 4 hours and really connected our friendship again.

*Brunch at the fantastic St Clair Broiler with friend SM. Always fun.

*Made apple pie cookies today.

*Did everything on my to-do list except one thing this week.

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