Day #18: Song you wish you heard on the radio

17 Oct

I have three for this post. (Too bad if the rules say one song per day.)

I love the Rat Pack, and I love that type of music. One of my favorites is “Ain’t That a Kick in the Head” by

Dean Martin

It’s a catchy tune with a great beat. It’s fun to dance to. It’s great music to get your energy up. Definitely one I wish I heard on the radio more.

The other ones are by


(Does anyone else, in spelling Beethoven, think of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure? Beeth-oven. Still cracks me up.)

In particular, I would love to hear his 5th symphony and his 9th symphony in their entireties a lot more often on the radio. Beethoven is my favorite classical composer because he has so much raw emotion in his music. Bach and Mozart are great but to me, they’re a bit clinical. You can really feel Beethoven’s pain and joy in his music. I like the 5th symphony because it describes fate knocking at the door, and the 9th is man’s triumph over fate. So powerful! I know MPR plays the 9th at the end of their pledge drives, but I wish they did it more often, and I wish they played the 5th in its entirety more often too.

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