Great weekend, lousy start to the week!

10 Oct

So you know that Saturday was a great day. Sunday was too. I cleaned – a lot – and did some special cleaning projects for my mom to earn some money.

I cooked for the week, including roasted chickpeas. (More on that another day.)

I did laundry – boring but nice to have done.

I read – still wading my way through “A Team of Rivals” about Abraham Lincoln. Great book, just long.

I paid bills.

I knitted and ran some errands.

Then I sat down to write on the blog and do some other writing, only to find the interwebs were down at my parents’ house. Boooo. They didn’t come back until about 20 minutes ago (over 24 hours later). Stupid Comcast.

Interwebs being down was part of my crappy start to the week. Spilled coffee on my khaki pants this morning. Was late to my appointment with my nutritionist after work. Didn’t lose weight the last two weeks due to lack of working out. Kept making errors at part-time job that I had to fix. Forgot to take dinner to part-time job so couldn’t eat dinner until later. Missed half of “Dancing with the Stars”.

And now I want to write but have a pounding headache. So this girl’s off to bed. More tomorrow – which should be a better day right?

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