Fabulous Saturday!

8 Oct

Today has been a fabulous day!

I spent most of the morning with my dear friend KZ. KZ and I have a tough time finding time to catch up, what with her schedule and her kids and my schedule and dancing. But we finally found a time that we were both free. So I went over to her new condo in Loring Park (shows you how long it’s been since we’ve caught up in person…she’s lived there a year now), and we walked over to the Farmers Market.

Minneapolis Farmers Market

I love the farmers market; I just don’t get there often. We walked around and looked at stuff, got coffee and just talked. KZ is an awesome friend, and she’s one of the those friends that when we talk, it’s like no time has passed no matter how long it’s been. She’s also one of the most supportive friends I have. Hopefully we’ll be able to see each other a bit more often. I’d like to make a point of it. I miss her when I don’t see her.

After my morning with KZ, I went to a group class at the dance studio (foxtrot – whew, no triple swing!) and then a dance lesson. I had lunch at the ever-awesome Cheeky Monkey in between.

And what a dance lesson! It went so well. I didn’t get frustrated with myself, and I actually felt somewhat impressed with myself. We did the rumba open which went well. (That one started as a routine over a year ago, so I would hope I’d remember it.) Then the cha-cha open. Again, went well. Even the new part (we added a second half to it this summer). Hmm. I was starting to wonder when my luck would run out. Then….the triple swing open. UH OH. Deep breath, just give it a go.

Three times through without a problem! My teacher said that it’s really feeling a lot better. My swing motion is better, I’m not having trouble remembering choreography, and we’re just breezing through it now. Don’t get me wrong – lots of stuff to clean up. But the beauty of dance (according to my teacher) is that there is ALWAYS something to work on, something to fix, something to improve. Still, the swing open felt the best it has – ever. And we made it three times through!

We spent the rest of the lesson on the viennese waltz open. We started learning this choreography I think after Super Saturday. I’m not sure how far into it we are, so I have no idea how much is left. But this was one of the uber-frustrating things from the lesson two weeks ago. And today? The turns went so much better. We ended up being able to do the part we know to music at full-speed. Which was really beyond my teacher’s expectations. He told me afterwards that he thought we’d end up working on some things and some technique, but I came in today and was just able to do them. So we could just keep going; he didn’t see the need or the point of working on them right now. Mainly because we’re just trying to learn the choreography first, then we’ll go back and clean it up. We work on technique or individual steps only if it’s getting in the way of me learning the choreography. So he was super happy about my progress today. And the progress was so great, even I could see it and be happy.

Happy dance!!

(Don’t you just love Calvin & Hobbes?)

Then drinks at Sweeneys with the Ds. They’re one of my favorite couples because of how much they love each other and how much fun they are to be with. Sweeneys has the one of the best patios in the cities…

Sweeneys patio

…and it’s been in the 80s this week (very unusual for Minnesota in October). So we sat out there. Good drinks, good food (50 cent tacos!), great friends. Excellent!

And the weekend is only half over!

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