Ode to my coffee mug

2 Oct

My beloved coffee mug is dying.

Best coffee mug ever

This has been my coffee mug for years. I love the color of it. I take it to work with me every day, and it keeps my coffee warm for a good 4 hours. The lid is so cool…

…the coffee NEVER spills or leaks out of the top.

Sadly, though, it’s reaching the end of its useful life. See how worn out the Caribou logo is on it? That’s because it’s been washed so many times. The inside is chipped and scratched. The lid doesn’t quite sit down all the way on top (although it still doesn’t leak). And now coffee somehow – I think because of the scratchiness on the inside – ends up between the outer clear liner and the green inner liner.

It’s weird to be so attached to a coffee mug. But this cup has been part of my everyday work life for so many years. And it’s an AWESOME mug. I know I won’t find one that works so well, looks so pretty or fits so well in my hand or my car cup holder.

I’ve known for a while this day is coming; I’ve just been trying to prolong the use of this coffee mug as long as I can. These are the things that are sometimes difficult for me to change. Using a new and different coffee mug will be a hard thing for me. I know in the grand scheme of life it’s not so bad. And I know there are a lot worse problems to have. But I will miss using this coffee mug.

Maybe I’ll use it one more day, so I don’t have to use a new one for the first time on a Monday? Then I can get used to a new mug the rest of the week before facing a Monday with it.

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