Day #2: Your least favorite song

1 Oct

This was an easy one for me. There isn’t a lot of music that I don’t like or won’t listen to. Not a huge fan of country, although I like rockabilly and Johnny Cash. No gangsta rap.

But here is one I cannot listen to, at least not to the very end.

Why, you ask? Most people love this song. And I do like Peter, Paul and Mary. But have you listened to the lyrics? Have you actually thought about what they meant? I mean, this kid and this dragon are best friends. Then the kid grows up and apparently becomes too-cool-for-school to hang out with the dragon. So the dragon gets all sad and “slips back into his cave” because he misses the kid so much. (Listen to it here.)

Oh, my heart breaks for the dragon. How sad to be dumped by your best friend and forgotten! How terribly lonely that dragon must have been. Probably questioned his self-worth too and took a hit in his self-confidence.

I think it probably says a lot about my childhood that I can’t listen to this song without feeling absolutely sad for Puff. So if I do listen to it, I always stop it while they’re still together and happy.

Great, now this song is going to be stuck in my head all day from writing this!

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