Post a week 2011, week 2: Is there anything you wouldn’t share…

28 Sep

Today’s topic: Is there anything you wouldn’t share with your best friend?

Interesting question. First of all, I don’t have one best friend. I have lots of really great, close friends. Different friends for different situations.

So absolutely, there are very few people in this world with whom I share everything. It totally depends on how I know them, what role they have in my life, and how I think they’d react to whatever the item is. For instance, I can talk to my friend NJ about anything – except emotions. He just doesn’t deal well with emotions. I can talk to my friend AL about emotions but not about money concerns. I don’t share everything with SR and NA, because although they’re close friends, I sometimes feel like they’re at different places in life because they’re 23.

I guess I think it’s risky to share everything with one person. I kinda like that in my world, those secrets and private things are spread out among a few people. There’s really only…let’s see…2 people who know everything about me? If one person knew everything, there’s a risk in that. It’s very vulnerable. But I also know that if I was in a strong, healthy, happy relationship, I would definitely share with that guy.

The biggest thing I don’t share is my thought process. I let very few people see the extent of my thoughts, my thinky place, my downward spirals, my insecurities, my anxieties. You all know that I have them, but you don’t see how they really affect me and what they actually look like in my life.

So if you’re one of the few who has seen that, consider yourself a very close friend of mine.

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