A message from the universe

26 Sep

I think the universe is trying to send me a message.

OK, not THAT kind of message!

I checked in with my awesome nutritionist KT today. The good news: I’m still making progress towards my weight loss goal! I was convinced I would have lost ground, but not so! The last few weeks have been a bit crazy so I’ve been off my eating plan. Plus, I’m really good at sabotaging myself. I was talking to her about why that is and some strategies on how to get around it. Step 1: Schedule workouts into my calendar. I’ve been missing them lately due to my schedule being nuts. Maybe treating them like a meeting or a commitment will make me go when I’m supposed to. Step 2: Try not to take one slip-up as validation that I can’t do this.

Which made me start thinking. (Let’s be honest, what doesn’t make me start thinking?)  I realized that while I intellectually believe and know that this eating/workout plan will allow me to reach my weight and diet goals, I think I don’t emotionally believe that to be true. I can look at others, including my friend AW who did this same work, and see that it works for them. I just have trouble believing that it will work for me. So I interpret slip-ups as proof that it doesn’t work for me. I wonder why that is? And how do I change it? It reminds me what my dance teacher says about my dancing: the biggest problem with my dancing is my lack of belief in myself.

Then this evening, I stopped at Cheeky Monkey for dinner and ran into my friend SH. He was telling me about a class he did about 10 years ago at Landmark Education. In this class, he learned about how everyone has stories of their past and that you can change your story and be more open to possibilities in life. He realized that the story is just the story and it doesn’t have to impact you today. The past is in the past…learn from it but don’t let it dictate your future.

Hmmmm. I think these two apparently random conversations are actually part of the universe telling me something. Whatever it is in the past that makes me not totally believe in myself is in the past and should stay there. I need to be more open to the possibilities of what I am capable of achieving. My issues from my past do not need to dictate my future. Sure, I should learn from the past, but I don’t need to let it command how I live my present and future.

So I think this is starting to sink in…very very slowly. I need to remember this message from the universe. I need to believe that I am capable of achieving most anything I put my mind to.

This could be my new mantra.

2 Responses to “A message from the universe”

  1. enermazing October 1, 2011 at 12:20 am #

    “I’m really good at sabotaging myself. ” – Who isn’t? 😀


    PS: The exercise you mention (“changing” your past life) is one of the most powerful for discovering and dealing with obsolete beliefs and behaviours. The fact that it’s fun makes it only more attractive to do regularly 😉


  1. Quote of inspiration « The Reinvented Lass - October 18, 2011

    […] I have a little book of quotes about happiness and love that someone gave me for my birthday. The first quote was “She believed she could so she did”. Which is a quote I love and one I’ve talked about before. […]

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