Where’d the weekend go?

25 Sep

It was a busy weekend.

Yesterday started with a relaxing morning. I had slept 10 hours Friday night and woke up around 8:30. I had a lazy morning with coffee and my book to start the day. Then a quick trip to Target – this time without any impulse buys! (I’m trying hard to spend less and save money. Dance-O-Rama is calling my name!) Then a group class at the dance studio in my nemesis triple swing, which actually went well. Quick lunch at the awesome Cheeky Monkey then a dance lesson.

A very TOUGH dance lesson. Working on the open freestyles in waltz and Viennese waltz. Spent half an hour on one turn in waltz – a very difficult turn. Again, I got frustrated with myself. Then I got frustrated because I was frustrated. End result: thinky place! Arrggghh. I ended up having a nice conversation with my teacher afterwards. His point is that I think I shouldn’t be frustrated, but really it’s OK to be frustrated. I also need to realize that I’m at the point in dance where there aren’t many easy fixes anymore. He thinks that I need to learn that it’s OK for me to say “I’m frustrated, this isn’t going well, let’s take a break”. Then we either just dance something else for a minute or we come back to this on another lesson. That’s hard for me though. One, my past experiences have taught me that showing emotions is not an OK thing to do. So I think I shouldn’t be frustrated and that if I am, I shouldn’t let anyone see. But it obviously comes through and affects my lessons. Two, I feel like if I stop working on it, even for a moment, I’m somehow failing. Not sure where that comes from, but this gives me a lot to think about and work on.

I found out before my lesson that my friend SH has to drop out of the Lindy Hop formation and wanted me to take her place, and since she’s already paid, she is just going to have the studio apply her payment for my spot. Sweet! I wanted to be in the formation but couldn’t afford it. So this worked out great for me. I love Lindy Hop! She’s also giving me a lesson with Jay to catch up on the choreography. Since they’re doing double practices on Friday nights now, I bought a pair of practice shoes that have a lower heel – I think wearing my regular heeled dance shoes would hurt my feet after doing Lindy for 90 minutes.

When I got home, I cleaned and went through some of my closet. Organized a bunch of stuff. Paid some bills and did some budgeting. (Spending a little too much this month – thank goodness it’s almost October.) Read some more of my book.

This morning I had breakfast, did laundry, and made my food for the week. While watching the Vikings game, I did a bunch of knitting. And reading during the Packers game. Then I had dinner with my parents.

Now it’s Sunday evening, and I’m dreading going to work tomorrow. But I feel like I had a great weekend. It was kinda low-key, but I’ve had a few busy weekends lately so it was nice to just sit home and get stuff done. This week is going to be super busy and next Saturday looks booked all day.

This weekend was relaxing and productive, both of which are very important to me. Let’s hope this week is a good one!

“Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day is the rest we take between two deep breaths.”

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