Post a week 2011: Week #1

21 Sep

Today’s prompt: Do I believe peace in the Middle East is possible?

Oh man. What a topic to start with. I really am not up on politics or political situations. Obviously, I know the basics of the Middle East situation. But I’m not very knowledgeable, I’m somewhat ashamed to admit. I certainly couldn’t debate the topic.

I don’t know if peace in the Middle East is possible. Peace requires compromise, give-and-take, and an understanding that the other side might have a valid point of view: things that we as humans in today’s world are not very good at. I see mankind having less skills in these areas than they used to. And I don’t know if I see the Middle East being able to compromise.

But the hopeful part of me has to believe that peace is possible. Because we certainly have to keep trying to achieve peace, and not just in the Middle East. And if we don’t believe it’s possible, why would we work towards it? I think we have an obligation to try to bring peace to our world, whatever piece of it we affect. Every day, every moment, we should be trying to bring peace and justice to the world.

Justice and peace often seem contradictory terms. Most of the time, justice is seen in conjunction with violence. But to me, justice is simply treating everyone fairly. Not necessarily equally – you have to acknowledge that there are differences between people. But FAIRLY. In a way that is respectful. And loving. If everyone is treated with respect, feels respected and loved, and feels listened to, peace will follow.

The realist in me knows that there will always be people who prefer violence, who believe in might over right, and who will always want to bully and beat down the other man. But I also think that if there were enough people who strove for peace, the bullies wouldn’t be able to find many people to side with them. One thought: see the face of God in everyone you meet, and therefore treat and care for everyone like you would as if he/she were God. (God, Buddha, Allah…to a certain extent, all paths to the same place.)

Bottom line: LOVE each other. Be respectful. Know that the other person may have a different perspective or opinion that you may not understand or even begin to comprehend. Try to bring peace and justice to your corner of the world each and every day.

That’s a drawing by Picasso. I love this drawing so much, and the idea of peace/love/justice, that I have it as a tattoo on my lower back. (Bet none of you knew THAT, did you?)

“Peace cannot be achieved through violence, it can only be attained through understanding.” -Emerson

3 Responses to “Post a week 2011: Week #1”

  1. aawwa September 22, 2011 at 1:17 am #

    Great post. I really enjoyed what you wrote.



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