20 Sep

I had an awesome birthday!

Probably my best one in years. First of all, I took the day off work. This morning, I got a haircut from the great Jennifer at 526 Salon. She’s so good and she’s a lot of fun. She did my hair all fun with waves and curls.

Then I had to go to Sprint to get a new battery for my cell. It couldn’t be a day of all fun, ya know. While they were working on it, I went to Caribou for my free bday drink!

Love that!

Next, a dance lesson. Always a great way to spend some time and make myself feel good. We started working on a Viennese waltz open freestyle. Very fancy, very difficult but very fun! My friends the H’s who own the condo I went to this summer couldn’t be at the studio today, so they made arrangements for a dozen long-stemmed roses (yellow, white and red) to be delivered to me at the studio.

That was so sweet – I can’t even remember the last time I got flowers. Nate sang “Happy Birthday” to me, and Jay played it on the stereo for me. Very fun. I took the red wine chocolate cake to the studio for the staff too.

Oh, and I got my Super Saturday critique from the judge. Guess what? He thought my swing was fantastic! Who knew? Apparently everyone but me. So my reality about my ability to dance the swing is continuing to change. I think I may conquer this by Showcase.

Then I fed my creative side: I went to Needlework Unlimited for yarn to make baby stuff to try and sell and then to Bead Monkey to figure out what classes I want to take to continue making bracelets and earrings to try and sell. I’m trying to earn extra money to go to a Dance-O-Rama next year. I’m going to explore the Etsy website and see if I can sell some stuff.

Afterwards, I was in the area so I stopped at the Edina studio to see Rachel. Then off to my part-time job for a bit where I got to see my friends JF and NA. Then back to the studio for group class on cha cha taught by the amazing Amy (who made it sooooooo fun) and the practice party.

My friends and the staff at the studio made a fuss. LS made a red velvet chocolate cake for me – oh my yum. TL made a “Happy Birthday Cathy” sign. Lots of birthday wishes from all the students. The K’s came to the party just for me – they’re really advanced dancers so they usually don’t come to the Tuesday party (which is geared for newcomers and beginners).

TL gave me a small bottle of whiskey – yay! The S’s gave me a sweet card. The K’s gave me a candle and a book of sayings about living happy. 65 friends wrote on my FB wall. 5 friends texted me. 3 people called me.

I have awesome people in my life. I feel very happy with my life and with who I am, and I feel very loved by many people. All in all, an amazeballs day!!!! Love you all!


One Response to “Birthday!”

  1. Heather Angelica Steen September 20, 2011 at 11:26 pm #

    Sounds like a great day! We’ll have to chat about beading when I’m back.

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