Leaving town is always a good thing

21 Aug

I don’t own a cabin. In Minnesota, everyone either goes to their cabin on the weekends or goes to a friend’s cabin. I don’t own one and neither do my friends. However, friends of mine at the dance studio have a condo in Lake City they use as a weekend getaway. Earlier this summer, they had said I could use the condo some weekends if they weren’t using it. The idea of getting out of town, even only an hour away, was very appealing. But the question would be who would I go with?

This goes back to my comment about not having a core group of girlfriends. So I had to think about what girlfriends would I be comfortable inviting and who would maybe want to go? I decided that I really enjoy spending time with my friends SR and NA, so I asked them. They both said they wanted to go and were looking forward to it. So we found that this weekend was open for all of us, and my friends the H’s weren’t using their condo, so we booked it.

Of course, I was anxious a bit. I haven’t traveled with many people especially recently. What would we do all weekend? Would they be bored? I didn’t want them to regret going. What would we do about food – make it, go out? So many questions. But I decided to just try to go with the flow a bit. We met for coffee on Thursday to finalize times we were leaving and coming back. We talked about food and decided to just make lunch but go out for breakfast and dinner. Friend SH who owns the condo had sent me a list of what restaurants were nearby and which were good. Friend NA has recently moved, so she needed to spend most of Sunday cleaning her old apartment, so we decided to come back after dinner on Saturday.

We left late on Friday night because SR had to work until 9:45. I had Googled directions to get us down to Lake City. I had a dance lesson before I left, which went really well. Some big accomplishments – got through the cha cha open and the swing open multiple times with music. Woo hoo! After my lesson, I went to NA’s apartment and hung out there until it was time to get pick up SR. Then we were off!

The Google directions were a bit odd but they worked. At one point, the directions had us cross into Wisconsin and follow WI35 along the river and then cross back into Minnesota. Weird. And ps – very dark and Children-of-the-Corn-ish and we saw 3 deer. Luckily we never hit one – whew!

We finally got to the condo around 11:30. We had to figure out where to park because I had forgotten to ask SH about that. We finally get inside and were stunned – gorgeous condo! We sat and talked for about half an hour, and then SR and I were both exhausted and went to bed. The condo has two bedrooms each with a queen sized bed. How do we do sleeping arrangements? SR volunteered to take the couch, because apparently she’s a sprawler when she sleeps. NA and I decided that we were fine sharing a bed, so we took the master bedroom and SR took the other bedroom. Ahhh, sleep!

I woke up around 6:30. Stupid body clock that gets me up at that time regardless of when I go to bed. Grrr. I got up around 7:30 and took a shower. After getting ready (including realizing I forgot my saline solution and therefore couldn’t wear my contacts), I went into the living room to read. SR got up shortly after that. We were debating ditching NA for coffee and food (we knew NA wouldn’t get up until at least 9). Then NA woke up, so we went out after that.

We went to a cute little bakery for breakfast. It had great pastries, good coffee, and good pancakes. We sat and ate and talked and drank our coffee for a bit. We also watched this adorable old couple – they must have been in their 80s, but they sat together on the same side of the booth and held hands. When they left, he held the door for her. So cute!

The rest of the day we watched movies, played games, played Wii games, took short naps (well, I did) and laughed. We made hot dogs for lunch which we ate with corn SR’s boyfriend had picked on Thursday. For dinner, we went to the Chinese restaurant in town. We ate it on the rooftop deck. The food was OK, the rooftop deck was awesome.

I was worried all day about making sure the others were having a good time. But I tried not to let that show and I tried not to obsess on it. I just tried to go with the flow and let the others decide what we should do next. Well, let them voice an opinion – they are both not willing to decide things, haha. I also tried to not be overly concerned that the food I was eating, including the snacks, was not what I was used to eating recently. But I figure one day wouldn’t kill me and I could just relax it for a day. So I did. I feel a bit gross today, because I ate a lot of processed food and my body isn’t used to that anymore, but it also felt good to eat a hot dog and potato chips.

I had a great time all weekend. It was fun to just hang out, play games, and talk to them. The day went by slowly which was nice; weekends and vacations usually go so quickly. It was nice to connect with them some more, and I think they had fun too. I worked on just letting things go and not worrying too much. And again I made a small step in my journey to go outside my comfort zone and not let my anxieties win.

“A traveler without observation is a bird without wings.”

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