I want to be alone…kinda

9 Aug

I live with my parents. Now, before you jump to any conclusions, I am not a nearly-4o-something to never moved out of their parents’ house. I moved back last fall to save some money and help my parents out. They still live in the house I grew up in. They’re in the mid-70s, so taking care of a 2-story, 4-bedroom house is a lot of work. So I try to help out. Of course, no one can do it as well as they can in their minds, so it’s tough. But we’re figuring it out.

My parents are retired. Good for them – they totally deserve it. However, that means that they’re around A LOT. Like constantly. CONSTANTLY. My dad goes every morning and walks at the mall, stops at the grocery store, and then to the hardware store to make a copy of the crossword in the paper. (He and I both like to do the crossword, so rather than fight over it, he makes a copy every day. Well, every day but Sunday. He doesn’t do the Sunday crossword because “it takes so dang long”. Apparently it gets in the way of watching the Military History channel all day.) My mom goes out occasionally for errands, but she stays at home a lot.

So every 2-3 months, they drive to Chicago for the weekend to visit my sister and her husband and kids. I LIVE FOR THESE WEEKENDS. And this was one of those weekends! Saturday I did the normal Saturday things – therapy appointment, errands, dance class, dance lesson, gym workout. But I added a special errand this Saturday – liquor store! See, my mom isn’t totally comfortable with alcohol in the house. It’s kinda a dry house. OK, not kinda. It is a dry house. I probably could make a case of having an occasional glass of wine or a cocktail; just not sure it’s the battle I want to fight at this moment. ‘Cause it’d be a big one.

(When I moved home, most of my stuff went into storage. But I couldn’t store my liquor nor could I bring it to my parents’ house. All of my liquor – all the wine, vodka, whiskey, gin, Bailey’s, scotch – found a lovely new home in the liquor cabinet of my friends the M’s. Lucky dogs. Must have been like Christmas for them when I dropped that off.)

So I stopped at the liquor store and bought whiskey. I made a cocktail when I got home. Ahhhhh, sweet nectar of the gods! Just to sit in my house and sip a cocktail – heaven!

This weekend, I decided to try something I’ve always wanted to do but never learned because I thought it was too nerdy. But what the hell – I am a nerd, although I usually can hide that from most people. (At least I like to think I can.) I bought a yo-yo and started to learn how to use it and do tricks. You know what? It’s a lot harder than it looks. I made OK progress on the most basic trick. But I had fun learning and working on it. It’s silly, but it was fun.

I realized though on Sunday night that although I enjoyed my solitude, I didn’t really enjoy the fact that I didn’t get out AT ALL after 4:00 on Saturday. Next time I need to find a balance of relishing my rarely-felt solitude with being social.

So lessons learned: be at home and enjoy the quiet but also do something social. Yo-yo tricks are hard. Whiskey is still AMAZING to drink. I’m still a nerd but shhhh….don’t tell anyone.

“When life gives you lemons, go out and find someone whose life has given them vodka.”

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