So what’s going well in life?

1 Aug

Let’s try a reversal today. Instead of focusing on what’s wrong, let’s start with what’s RIGHT in my life. See, I’m not a pessimist per se. I actually have a pretty hopeful look on life. What it comes to me and my life, though, I tend to always see what’s wrong. Like in my dancing, I can rarely see the progress I’m making, because I can tell you every little thing I’m not doing right.

So let’s try this. I could go on and on about what I think is wrong with my life or what I think should change. But maybe by focusing on or starting with the good stuff, it’ll help me keep a perspective on things. Maybe? Ah well, worth a shot.

What’s good: I have a good job that pays decent money and has AWESOME benefits. (Six and a half weeks of vaca each year? Sign me up! Oh wait, I’m already there.) The job itself is not the most challenging or rewarding right now. But I can try to find another job in that organization.

What else? I’m a pretty smart girl. I like to read and can read fast. I have my own car. (This sounds a bit like a Stuart Smalley skit, doesn’t it? Gosh darn it, people like me.) I have some good friends. I can be funny (or so I’m told) because of my sarcastic wit. I’m learning about how to be a girl in terms of fashion, hair and makeup. (I’ve always been one of the boys, so I have a lot to learn.) I am an excellent ballroom dancer. I’m learning to be positive about myself and embrace my talent. (OK, I write that, but it’s actually really hard for me to do.  I can write that I’m a good ballroom dancer, but I still have a hard time actually believing it.)

So bottom line…I have a good job, some good hobbies, and good friends, so I got that going for me which is nice. All in all, that’s a pretty good start. So why am I feeling so at sea in life??? Is this really about reshaping my life, or is it about reframing my perception of my life? Ooooh, deep thoughts.

And why do I have so many SNL references?

“When I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead. True story.” -Neil Patrick Harris

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