My very first post

31 Jul

So I find myself at a crossroads in life, in a way. Due to various circumstances unrelated to each other, I am at a point of starting over in my life, kinda like I’m just out of college. Except that I’m not just out of college and I actually have a good job that makes decent money. Not a ton, but enough. And more importantly, I have the last 15-20 years of experience under my belt. Like most people in life, I have for the most part just kinda coasted through life doing things as they have presented themselves.

But I’ve never sat back and thought about who do I want to be and what kind of life do I want? I’m not talking major changes like let’s sell everything and move to Russia. (Is it still Russia? I’ve lost track of world geography.) I’m just talking about trying to deliberately steer my life instead of floating on the current.

So this blog is going to be my record of this journey.

Have a comment? Let me know your thoughts!

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